You Bake, I Write

Is there something you’re willing to keep doing over and over again until you start becoming better at it?

I used to say things like, “I don’t have a green thumb,” or “I can’t cook.” I often felt bad about it.. But really, it isn’t that I’m not good at those things, it’s just that I’m not willing to take the time or do the work required to become good at those things. On the other hand, I love writing. I’m not particularly good at it — yet — and maybe I never will be. But blogging heals me, forces me to think about words and ideas, and gives me an enjoyable challenge.

Time flies when I massage a paragraph or wrestle with WordPress. Even if no one reads my blogs, I am still delighted with each iteration of my website. Each incremental improvement of a post or learning a technical skill gives me a little buzz of accomplishment that has nothing to do with what anyone else thinks. 

And now, my kids see that Mommy doesn’t just go to work, do housework, get overloaded with stress, and yell at them about homework and laundry like she used to. She has something she loves to do, feeling pride with every little baby step of creativity and improvement, and making her a calmer and more patient Mommy.

I have friends who are amazing at baking, crafting, and painting. Some are highly skilled in piano, martial arts, yoga, or tennis. Some knit, a few sing, one dances, another plays hockey. All of those activities are lovely, but if I can’t put up with the pain or cost, it means it’s not my thing. After playing around with blogging, I know this is my thing!

What delights you and tickles the creative wrinkles of your brain?

Published by Sherry Yuan Hunter

Sherry Yuan Hunter is a certified trauma recovery coach and certified parenting coach. Taiwan-born American-Canadian Chinese, married, working mother of two, Sherry identifies as a Sandwich Parent, Third Culture Kid, an untigering Mom, and Recovering Shouldaholic. Based in Toronto, Canada, Sherry has been working in student success programs at University of Toronto for 20 years, supporting students, young professionals, new managers, working moms, and new immigrants to success.

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