Narcissistic Abuse Coach Kimberly Weeks

This is an incredibly exciting podcast for me to release for many reasons. Kimberly Weeks is a Trauma Recovery Coach specializing in working with those who are recovering from abused by narcissists. Her choice of specialization comes from a very personal place. Not only is she doing this work for own healing journey and for her clients through theirs, Kimberly is also a Supervisor for the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching, where she is MY mentor for my coaching certification.

Confident, authentic, compassionate, passionate, and energetic, she is a single mother of four boys, who also deals with a chronic health issue (autoimmune disease) that will never be able to stop her from achieving her goals. It may remind her when she needs to rest and recover, but she will never be defined by her illness. In our conversation, she explores the expectations on her and the successful achievements (SO MANY) from her life as the child of (SUPER) high achieving parents, the outward public view versus the internal family reality, and why she chooses to parent differently than how she was parented. 

She is such an incredible example of a Sandwich Parent. Please join me in hearing her story and learning how she recovered, which then lead to her work as a coach helping others recover from childhood trauma.

Look her up on her website: Kimberly Weeks Coaching ( and/or interact with her on her Facebook page: Kimberly Weeks | Facebook.

This beautiful person (inside and out) shows up authentically every day to build a tribe of people who are going to make this world a safer place. I always leave her presence with affirmation of being on the right path.

P.S. She’s going to be super famous one day. Watch out for her as she changes the world!

Published by Sherry Yuan Hunter

Sherry Yuan Hunter is a certified trauma recovery coach and certified parenting coach. Taiwan-born American-Canadian Chinese, married, working mother of two, Sherry identifies as a Sandwich Parent, Third Culture Kid, an untigering Mom, and Recovering Shouldaholic. Based in Toronto, Canada, Sherry has been working in student success programs at University of Toronto for 20 years, supporting students, young professionals, new managers, working moms, and new immigrants to success.

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