Sandwich Parents are ‘sandwiched’ between two generations, the one that raised us and the one we are raising. Sandwich Parents may be caught between two cultures, a home one and a new one. Sandwich Parents are trying to hold together many things and people! We want the best for our kids just as our parents wanted what was best for us, but Sandwich Parents may need to raise our children very differently than how we were raised. No judgment, just a deliberate decision to choose something that works for our reality and the personalities in our families. Some Sandwich Parents are finding it difficult to be all things to all people, which may be impacting our health. Sandwich Parents want to do things differently, but we do not always know where to start this journey of unprogramming and reparenting.

Sandwich Parenting is here to support your journey with:

  • a LAYERS approach to building a sustainable journey,
  • blog posts to share our stories about parenting,
  • podcast interviews with amazing Sandwich Parents,
  • resources that may be helpful during your journey, and
  • our Facebook community.

You are not alone!

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