Completing the Sandwich Parenting LAYERS approach is story-telling. Story-telling creates meaning to who we are, who we want to be, what we feel, and what we do.

Story-telling is the way humans make sense of the world. Story telling is how we make people react to what we want them to know or remember. It helps us stay motivated and dedicated to our goals. The stories we tell about ourselves past, present, and future drive our journey. The stories we tell about our children dictate our behaviours towards them.

From Overwhelming to Surviving, from Surviving to Thriving

We need to reframe past narratives with our parents and create new stories with our children. Using stories, we can weave the bonds of love, the direction of our aspirations, the boundaries of ourselves, the wisdom of our emotions, and the implementation of routines so that we can be the parents we want to be.

Every parent should consider visiting the amazing Biology of Story interactive documentary or taking the Biology of Story course. Biology of Story explains why stories are have been around for as long (if not longer) than communication. Stories are how people connect with facts and potential. Stories either cause us more suffering or inspire hope for the future. Thriving is about holding ourselves accountable for the stories we tell ourselves, embracing story-telling to reframe how we see the world, and giving our children the opportunity to create meaning in their lives.

STORY-TELLINGReframe Past NarrativesCreate Your Stories
OverwhelmedRecognize how our stories affect usArticulate the stories we tell ourselves
SurvivingTurn failure stories into lessons learnedTurn barriers into challenges
ThrivingShare our stories with our childrenBuild new stories with our children