YOU hold everything together; ROUTINES hold you together. The concept of routines is the secret sauce to Sandwich Parenting. We start with love, but our daily steps are based on routines.

Routines (making habits part of an organized system) is the key to making anything truly work. A goal without a plan is just an idea; a plan without routines is just a dream. Well planned and thoughtfully developed routines will take us closer to our goals, one baby step at a time. Routines have to be sustainable to work, and they can only be sustainable if they are evolvable. Routines is a collection of productive habits.

From Overwhelming to Surviving, from Surviving to Thriving

We need to develop routines and ensure that they are evolvable. If you are serious about creating a routine that works for you, I highly recommend James Clear of Atomic Habits. He sends the best weekly emails, built a wonderful website with many free resources, and published a book for developing good habits and breaking bad ones.

ROUTINESDevelop RoutinesEvolve to Sustain Routines
OverwhelmedIdentify habitsAssess habits without judgment
SurvivingTrack habits and build routinesCelebrate successful routines
ThrivingCurate and refine routinesAlign routines to goals