Party Time!

What time is it?! Show time! Party time!

Are you tired of being holed up at home without the opportunity to walk through a party and just chat with whomever you want? Do you miss the days of mingling with friends and strangers? Well, no worries. We have the block party for you!

No RSVPing required. Just show up!

Hosted by your friendly neighbourhood Sandwich Parenting…

… you are invited to join friends, neighbours, and strangers! Come on in to say hi, share what you are doing, and sing in the Karaoke Bar!

(Just to clarify, you don’t have to be a parent to come to the party, Sandwich Parenting is just hosting.)

It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy:

Step 1:

Open any browser (I think Chrome may be the preferred browser, but I used Edge and it works perfectly) and click on YOUR INVITATION which is just

Step 2:

Make sure that your mic and speakers work. Log in with a name you want to show up under your video. And don’t worry, you don’t have to give any information you don’t want to give!

Step 3:

Pick a room, any room. There are 8 to choose from. If you want to co-host, which will allow you to broadcast in a room or throughout the whole party, let me know. Look for me using the chat or map function.

Step 4:

Pick your party persona and have fun!

THE SHY ONE: If you are shy, just skirt around people and explore the room. Listen to the music from the piano or jukebox. If you want to be a part of a conversation, but you aren’t ready, just keep within earshot (you’ll see the audio circle thing that tells you when you are within earshot) then wander away as soon as it looks like someone is inviting you to join in a conversation you are not ready to join. You can always use the “sorry, something wrong with my network” trick!

THE SINGLE ONE: This is a great opportunity to slide (using your keyboard’s arrow keys) up to people and say hi, how YOU doin’? They won’t even care if you are wearing PJs. They won’t be able to smell how many days you haven’t showered.

THE LIFE OF THE PARTY: OMG. Please go around and meet people. Tell them about yourself and ask them about themselves. Tell jokes! If you have a good one, let me know and I’ll let you co-host so you can share screen or broadcast a life lesson. Keep in mind that people can turn down the sound of your broadcast if they are engrossed in their own conversations.

THE KARAOKE SINGER: Pop over to the Karaoke Bar! I’ll have a YouTube Karaoke broadcast going on. You can sing with friends or sing by yourself. Just come and let the music flow. If you have a request, just PM me and I’ll put up your song with lyrics if they exist on the internet.

THE TOTAL PROFESH: Bring your A-game and share with people what you can do for them. Go ahead, network away. I mean, if you start noticing that people keep saying to you that they are going to go fill their virtual wine glass (Yes, OMG, how cool is that? YOU CAN FILL YOUR WINE GLASS!) then take a hint and cool off on your sales pitch.

THE STRESSED PARENT: Well, if your kid is willing, tell them to join in and have fun with the other kids. Then BYOD (drink) and hang out with the adults in the other rooms.

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