When we go on a healing journey from childhood traumas, we each have to make sense of our own unique circumstances and set of personalities. Certain aspects of our journey will be completely different, but some ideas may be helpful for us to use when we are creating our own plans.

Here are a few that I have found helpful for me. Take the ones that make sense to you and toss the others!

The LAYERS Approach

Here we build from layers of Love, Aspirations, You, Emotions, Routines, and Storytelling to create our own Parenting Approach.

The Stress Continuum

Here we remember to check in where we are on the Stress continuum so that we are not reacting to a situation when we are at our most stressed.

The POWER of One

Here we harness the power of one (#onenextstep) to get closer to our goals, step by step: Pick One goal and break it down into a small easy step. Check it off for the Win. Evolve it to fit into a Routine.

The Gift of Time

Here we remember why change takes time and how to make time our friend rather than a stressor. Using competency and team development models, we look at how to best use the time we have to get closer to being good at what we want to be good at.