In the End, There is Only Love

In the end, there is nothing as important as love.

Love is what keeps a child alive when they are completely helpless and rely on caregivers.

Love is what gets us through the hard times, even when we hate each other.

Love is what we prioritize when we have difficult decisions to make.

Love is what gives us hope for the future.

Love is what gives us strength to fight for what is right.

And at the end, love is what makes life worth living… and dying for.

No one spends their last minutes of life wishing they spent more time at the office. They wish they spent more quality time with people they loved.

As parents, we need to remember that if the only thing our children remember is our love for them, that will be enough. They will be able to hope for what they deserve, they will have strength to fight for what they need, and they will love themselves and their life. We will have done our jobs, if they could feel our love.

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