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A Recovering Perfectionist

Michelle Lee Diasinos, is a Conscious Parent advocate, coach, author and co-host of The Mothers’ Roundtable podcast. A recovering perfectionist, she transforms her life once once she became a parent.

The Heartful Mama Coach

After deciding that her Super Mom/Tiger Mom approach was not going to work, Lina Lie did her research and now is a parenting coach, focused on Peaceful Parenting.

Parenting with Humour

Award-winning Adrienne Hedger shares how cartooning changed the way she parented. Join our chat about how humour is essential to parenting!

Healing from Complex PTSD

Linda Meredith is Australia’s first Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and she shares why we must be the generation that changes how we treat children.

A Chin-dian Parent in Singapore

Joline Lim comes from both a Chinese and Indian background (Chin-dian!). Living in Singapore, which is a very competitive environment with a huge focus on academic achievement, Joline is an advocates for Gentle Parenting.

Untigering Parent

As a Chinese-American and daughter of a pastor, Iris Chen played by the rules and succeeded, but felt that those (impressive) achievements didn’t quite have meaning in her life. She is now on a journey of Untigering.

“Perfect Chinese Son” to “Backpacking Bum”

Authentic (and brutally honest), Jonathan and Annie Su share their Sandwich Parenting experiences in our podcast. They live their lives THEIR way, not necessarily the way they were brought up. They balance the best of East and West.