Our children are growing up in a digital world. They went straight to smartphones, tablets, and laptops with high speed wifi. Our children can ask any question they can think of and get some kind of answer.

This section is about how we are embracing the digital world, gaming specifically, to be a part of our family culture. I believe it is us parents being respectful of their interests, reality, and perspectives. For better or worse, my kids are DigitalKids. The world they are growing up in is very different from the world I grew up in. I’m preparing them for a world that I’m not sure I can envision accurately.

Do I WANT to Know?!

I asked if I could borrow his computer. I looked at him sideways and asked if I would find anything odd on his computer, like porn.

Screen Time in COVID Days

In 2020, my boys have probably clocked more time in front of the screen than they have accumulated in the previous decade. Part of me wants to berate myself for letting it get out of hand. You know, for being a bad mom.

Mommy, I’m Glad You Don’t Spoil Us

Why? Well, my 9-year old heard a story about a spoiled rich kid. His father bought a TV and wanted to test it using the kid’s X-Box, which A2 pointed out, was probably paid for by the dad. The kid got so upset that he had a temper tantrum and threw a something at the…

Don’t Grow Up, My Little Tweens!

The parents of teenagers scare the bloody heck out of me with their stories of moody gangly monsters who no longer think their parents have any valuable advice to give.

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