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A Recovering Perfectionist

Michelle Lee Diasinos, is a Conscious Parent advocate, coach, author and co-host of The Mothers’ Roundtable podcast. A recovering perfectionist, she transforms her life once once she became a parent.

Do I WANT to Know?!

I asked if I could borrow his computer. I looked at him sideways and asked if I would find anything odd on his computer, like porn.

The Meaning of Life is…

What is the meaning of life? 42? One day, I woke up and I discovered the meaning of MY life. I realized the answer to “What is the Meaning of Life?” for me!

The Heartful Mama Coach

After deciding that her Super Mom/Tiger Mom approach was not going to work, Lina Lie did her research and now is a parenting coach, focused on Peaceful Parenting.

Future-Proofing Our Children

As parents, we want to give our children stability, safety, freedom from suffering, advantage, and wealth. However, what if the very act to provide them the best ends up impacting them negatively as well?

Untigering by Iris Chen

Untigering is an outstanding intersection of Peaceful Parenting and a deconstruction of systemic trauma in our society.

Parenting with Humour

Award-winning Adrienne Hedger shares how cartooning changed the way she parented. Join our chat about how humour is essential to parenting!


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