A Taiwan-born American-Canadian Chinese mother of two on a parenting journey, I am unlearning and reprogramming myself. Sandwich Parenting is my way of organizing what I’m learning as I heal and build a sustainable lifestyle that helps me be the mother I believe my children deserve.

Blogging for my own healing journey, I discovered that most of my writing ended up about being parenting — and the stresses of parenting often seemed be triggered by childhood issues. While parenting in and of itself can contribute to anxiety and depression, for me, something else more fundamental was going on, so I embarked on a journey to seek understanding and relief.

The blogging and research became this website, Sandwich Parenting: where I become aware of what parenting playbook I inherited, am doing inner work to heal past traumas, assess my current resources, and create my own unique parenting approach to do my best for my children and my children’s children.

I am not a health care professional or expert, merely a parent who is on a journey to learn about how to be a better parent given the resources, experiences, and challenges I have. Learning from many others during this journey, this site is just a reflection of how I am trying to organize the chaos.

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This is a lifelong journey with ups and downs, joy and sorrow, and of course baby steps forward and sliding steps back. I hope that you find some of this useful or at least comforting to remind yourself that you are not alone.

Join me on my journey while you design yours!