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Sandwich Parenting with Sherry Yuan Hunter

Taiwan-born American-Canadian Chinese, married, mother of two teenaged boys, Sherry identifies as a Third Culture Kid, an untigering Mom, and recovering shouldaholic. Based in Toronto, Canada, Sherry has been working in post-secondary student success programs and services for 20 years. She has a soft spot for mentoring students, young professionals, new managers, and newcomers to Canada.

Sherry primarily works with multicultural parents and young professionals around the globe, offering coaching sessions, courses, and workshops in both English and Mandarin Chinese. (Just to be transparent, she is MUCH more fluent in English than in Chinese!)

Sherry is a trauma-informed parent coach. She works with people who are healing from complex trauma while simultaneously parenting. Sherry helps clients develop and practice their own unique parenting/recovery approach that is aligned with their values, priorities, and resources.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of British Columbia and a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Leeds. Sherry is currently completing her Jai Parenting Institute Certification in Parent Coaching and her International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching Certification.


Adulting Third Culture Kid Tim Brantingham

Tim comes from a long line of Ohioan missionaries living in Asia. He was born in Taiwan, returned to the US for college, lived in various cities in Asia as an expat, married an American-Japanese woman, and is the father of three kids. He’s not only a Third Culture Kid/Sandwich Kid, he is also a Sandwich Parent himself, creating a unique parenting approach for his family. Read his TCK articles here at Sandwich Parenting.

Intergenerational Reparenting with Joline Lim

Joline writes about her personal learning journey as a respectful parent in Singapore at The Learning Parent SG and here at Sandwich Parenting. She is also a content creator and advocate for Chapter Zero Singapore, a social enterprise embodying values of compassion, respect and mindfulness, providing resources and support to parents and caregivers.

What Is the Purpose of This Site?

Sandwich Parenting is about becoming aware of the parenting playbook we inherited, doing inner work to heal past traumas, and creating our own unique parenting approach based on the available resources (time, money, energy, etc.) at the time. It is a no-blame, no-shame, one-step-at-a-time, we-start-where-we-start approach.

What’s the Difference Between Sandwich Generation and Sandwich Parenting?

The Sandwich Generation pertains to those taking care of the previous generation as well as the next generation. Sandwich Parenting is focused on said sandwiched parent and unpacking their childhood experience being parented so that they can be free to create an empowered parenting approach that works for them as they support their children in growth, development, and success.

This can get tricky (emotionally triggering) if dealing daily with multiple responsibilities for caregiving as well as unresolved childhood traumas. Work may also be a source of unconscious triggers for many people with complex trauma, due to impact on the development of the brain and nervous system.

What is Sandwich Parenting’s Approach?

Sandwich Parenting takes a trauma-informed parent coaching approach. The focus is on the parent and developing foundational layers so that parents feel empowered. This approach helps uncover a client’s unique combination of techniques that work for their own set of values, personalities, goals, circumstances, and experiences.

Read more about LAYERS and how to develop a personalized parental approach: The LAYERS Approach – Sandwich Parenting.




What is a Parent Coach?

A parent coach is a peer parent who believes that the client has their own unique answers and may need support seeking information or seeing different perspectives.

A parent coach helps a client get unstuck by focusing in on the impact of their beliefs by asking thought-provoking questions and focusing on client-led solutions. The coach partners with the client to co-create a space where the client can feel hope that things can change, have faith that experiencing discomfort is part of the process towards their goals, and develop tools (based on their unique resources and lived experiences) to get through to the other side.

A parent coach is great if they spark a light for the client to see that they can go where they want to go. A parenting coach can skillfully lead a client into a mind shift, e.g. turning a trigger from an overwhelmingly negative feeling to an opportunity for curiosity, bravery, and honesty.

When we are stuck in a deep hole worried that we will never get out of that hole, a coach is right in there with you, helping you find the specific strategies and tools that will work for you.

How can we get work together?

  • one-on-one coaching
  • parent workshops (e.g. at schools, boot camps, etc.)
  • 12-week parenting course
  • 3-session booster package

The best way to connect with me is to subscribe to my email list, email me at sherry[at]sandwichparenting[dot]com..

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