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Who Am I?

A Taiwan-born American-Canadian Chinese working mother of two in Toronto, Canada on a parenting journey, I am unlearning and reprogramming myself. Sandwich Parenting is my way of organizing what I’m learning as I heal and build a sustainable lifestyle that helps me be the empowered parent I believe my children deserve.

I identify as a Third Culture Kid, an untigering Mom, a recovering Shouldaholic, and aspiring Empowered Parent. I am a parent on a journey to be the best parent I can be, given my resources, experiences, and challenges.

What Is The Purpose of This Site?

Parenting in and of itself can contribute to anxiety and depression, but for me, something else more fundamental was going on, so I embarked on a journey to seek understanding and relief.

The blogging and research became this website, Sandwich Parenting, where I become aware of what parenting playbook I inherited, am doing inner work to heal past traumas, assess my current resources, and create my own unique parenting approach to do my best for my children.

What’s the Difference Between Sandwich Generation and Sandwich Parenting?

The short answer: Sandwich Parenting is a subset of Sandwich Generation.

The Sandwich Generation usually pertains to those who end up taking care of the previous generation as well as the next generation.

Sandwich Parenting is focused on said sandwiched parent and unpacking their childhood experience being parented so that they can be free to create an empowered parenting approach that works for them as they support their children in growth, development, and success. This can be tricky (emotionally triggering) if dealing daily with multiple responsibilities for caregiving as well as unresolved childhood traumas.

What is My Approach?

My approach is to help us discover our own unique combination of values and techniques that work for our own set of personalities, goals, circumstances, and experiences.

I believe in using LAYERS:




Read more about these LAYERS and how you can develop your own unique parental approach: The LAYERS Approach – Sandwich Parenting.

What are My Credentials?

If you mean, other than being a parent striving to practice empowered parenting, a sufferer of CPTSD, a long time blogger, a mentor for young professionals, and an unofficial life coach for many friends and family? Fair question!

My first degree was in Commerce and I have a Master’s degree in Education. I am a Certified Parent Coach in Training, and a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach in Training.

How can we get in touch or collaborate?

The best way to connect with me is to subscribe to my weekly emails!

Do I offer presentations and workshops?

Sure! Send an email to sherry[at]sandwichparenting.com and let’s chat!


For Upswing and GTA Mamas: “Parenting with Perfectionism and Anxiety” (Mandarin version)

For Daisy Parenting “I am Safe” Bootcamp:

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