About Us

Who are you?

Are you a parent with too many demands on your time? Do you prioritize other people’s needs over your own? Does parenting trigger some big emotions? Are you stuck between the conflicting needs and expectations of your parents, yourself, and your kids?

Then you may be interested in building a unique, customized, Sandwich Parenting approach called “LAYERS“: Love, Aspirations, You, Emotions, Routines, and Story-telling to help you be the parent you want to be! Sandwich Parenting is all about strengthening the “I” in parenting. It’s about making your parenting approach work for your own situation.

Who am I?

A Taiwan-born American-Canadian Chinese mother of two on a parenting journey, I am unlearning, unprogramming, and reparenting myself.

Sandwich Parenting is me organizing what I’m learning as I heal and build a sustainable lifestyle that helps me be the mother I believe my children deserve.

It’s a no-blame, no-shame, one-step-at-a-time, sustainable, evolving, layered approach to parenting designed to take us from overwhelmed to surviving, surviving to thriving. Join me on my journey while you design yours!

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