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Sandwiched Between Two Generations

Sandwich Parenting is about being sandwiched between two generations, the one that raised us and the one we are raising. Sandwich Parents may be caught between traditional versus modern values, authoritarian versus child-centred styles of parenting, or the cultures of their homeland and that of their adopted country.

Empowered Parenting

Empower yourself to be the parent your children deserve. Read more about Sandwich Parenting’s LAYERS Approach to design your unique approach.

Making Yours Unique

Listen to interviews with Sandwich Parents and Sandwich Kids who have found their unique recipes for making it work in their family in episodes of the Sandwich Parenting Podcast and read the articles for parenting stories and book reviews. Going on this journey means making your parenting approach unique to your experience, background, resources, and personalities.

Join a global community for support and resources for your healing journey by joining the Portal. Interacting with like-minded peers who validate and relate to your experiences is an incredibly powerful part of the healing journey.

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