Sandwich Parenting is about being sandwiched between two generations, the one that raised us and the one we are raising. Sandwich Parents may be caught between traditional versus modern values, authoritarian versus child-centred styles of parenting, or the cultures of their homeland and that of their adopted country. Sandwich Parents are trying to hold together many diverging interests and support a lot of different people!

Furthermore, some may suffer from health issues, such as Complex PTSD, which compound the stresses of sandwich parenting. That can easily overwhelm us as we try to help ourselves, our partners and our children thrive.

This website started off as a resource to improve my parenting, a reminder to take care of myself, and a blog about my journey. If you are starting to rethink your parenting approach or are struggling with triggers from parenting, I hope what I share helps. You are not alone!

Every parenting site has their core ‘thing’ or intersection of ‘things’. The theme of Sandwich Parenting is developing our own unique parenting approach by understanding where the unspoken rules and routines we developed come from, and then developing the narrative to make sense of our past, so we can enjoy our present and invest in our children’s future as well as our own.

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