Sandwich Kid Tou Ger Lee

Raw and real, Tou Ger Lee shares the story about his Hmong parents’ journey from the dangerous jungles of Laos to their new sponsored life in Wisconsin. A transformational coach who works with high achievers, Tou Ger knows what it is like to be successful and not actually feel anything. Drawing on his experience rejecting and then embracing his culture and heritage, Tou Ger embodies how to live your full authentic life doing what you are meant to do. A true Sandwich Kid, I love his wise advice to Sandwich Parents and and Kids.

Message to Sandwich Kids: All parents were doing their best. As adults, we need to take responsibility for the stories we make up around what our parents didn’t do. At some point in time, we need to give up those stories and see things for what they were rather than what we thought they were.

Message to Sandwich Parents: You are the bridge! You have a choice for what you bring over and what you leave behind. You have the ability to drop what you don’t want to bring. Do the work, strip the belief off of you so that it doesn’t come with you to the other side.

Listen to his podcasts!

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