Channeling John Krasinski

This has got to be the year of John Krasinski. He is Jack Ryan, he sold his very successful Some Good News that he started during COVID, he received well-deserved accolades for his directing in A Quiet Place and a second one is coming out… Go to his IMD or Wikipedia to see his long list of accomplishments. He’s not just a good actor, a lovely family man, adoring of his talented and beautiful wife… he brings positivity and fun to whatever he does.

However, what I wanted to point out was that I watched The Hollars… a movie in which he starred, directed and produced. And… it wasn’t great. There were good moments and some solid acting, but it wasn’t a super enjoyable movie where everything comes together. I thought to myself, gee, I always thought of John Krasinkski as attached to only really good productions. Whether it is because he is that good and only good project will seek him out or because he does such a good job in everything does that he single-handedly makes each project spectacular or maybe he and his agent are superb at only picking projects that will lead to huge success.

Really, that’s just not how life works. And yet, when we see someone go from being Being John Halpert to Being Jack Ryan, you think: wow, a lot of luck and insane amount of talent. Oh well, if I don’t have either, I’ll never be that successful. But we can’t forget the hustle. It doesn’t just take talent and luck. It also takes hustle and an outstanding work ethic, as well as the ability not to let one’s ego be destroyed by less than perfect performance or project. I can see that he ensures that he will do a great job no matter how big, how small, how important, how insignificant his role is. Again, look at the long list of roles he’s had.

While I don’t know him personally, he also seems like a really nice guy, who treats people well and knows how to have some fun with the people he works with, without compromising his professionalism. He seems to balance a humility in himself that balances really well with a quiet confidence in who he is. On top of all that, he is of course easy on the eye and doesn’t take himself too seriously, as evidenced by his over the top Tina Turner in Lip-Synch Battle against Anna Kendrick.

So to end my ramble, today, I channel John Krasinski: I will do my very best no matter what my job, I will find the fun and be kind to everyone, I will do my job no matter big or small, and if I get the chance to do something that can bring some joy to others, I’ll do it with all my heart and maybe even in a tutu.

Some days parenting can feel overwhelming, but if I keep focused on bringing my best to each job, one day I’ll be the Jack Ryan or host of SGN of parenting. At least to my boys! I can aspire.

John Krasinski with Tutu in SGN

Published by Sherry Yuan Hunter

Sherry Yuan Hunter is a certified trauma recovery coach and certified parenting coach. Taiwan-born American-Canadian Chinese, married, working mother of two, Sherry identifies as a Sandwich Parent, Third Culture Kid, an untigering Mom, and Recovering Shouldaholic. Based in Toronto, Canada, Sherry has been working in student success programs at University of Toronto for 20 years, supporting students, young professionals, new managers, working moms, and new immigrants to success.

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