Mommy, I’m Glad You Don’t Spoil Us


Well, my 9-year old heard a story about a spoiled rich kid. His father bought a TV and wanted to test it using the kid’s X-Box, which A2 pointed out, was probably paid for by the dad. The kid got so upset that he had a temper tantrum and threw a something at the TV, breaking the brand new expensive purchase, that, as A2 also pointed out, was for the whole family. Flabbergasted at this behaviour, he declared that he did not ever want to be so spoiled that he couldn’t see the bigger picture due to being selfish and small-minded.

He told me that even though he didn’t always like my answers, he appreciated how hard I worked to ensure he does not turn out to be a ‘J~ A~’. We had a long conversation about values and respect.

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